Gabriela “Gaby” Cavins

Director of Employee Success

Superpower: Breaking glass ceilings with combat boots.

As a veteran, working mother, corporate lactation expert, breastfeeding expert, and founder of Latched, a social media platform connecting members of the community with breastfeeding support and information, Gaby Cavins is a force to be reckoned with.

During her tenure on active duty, Gaby developed and implemented lactation policies at various levels and provided counsel and training from junior to senior leadership, including the implementation of many programs that increased productivity. She managed training and readiness for nearly 400 personnel in, and developed numerous training curriculums for, the United States Navy. Gaby specializes in creating and implementing corporate lactation programs, and is a sought-after mentor for breastfeeding mothers who need policy support, best-pumping practices, and mental health resources.

She is actively involved with various non-profits to include Nurturely, Mom2Mom Global, and Breastfeeding in Combat Boots. Gaby has also taught numerous breastfeeding classes in both English and Spanish within the community and to military families participating in centering pregnancy.

Gaby has found a passion for creating a community of mothers within her own pump room and helping mothers in the Navy achieve their breastfeeding goals while navigating a military lifestyle. She has recently traded in wearing combat boots full time to further pursue her passion for helping coach working parents.

Gaby earned her Bachelors of Science from the United States Naval Academy and became a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor through the University of California, San Diego. She maintains the rank of Lieutenant in the United States Navy and currently resides in Monterey, California with her husband and two children.

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