Connie Stark, RNC, C.P.C.

Certified Fertility Nurse and Consultant

Superpower: Fighting infertility to pave the way to parenthood. (Not related to Tony Stark, though equally as awesome)

As a certified fertility nurse, consultant, and life coach with nearly three decades of experience helping others through the emotional and physical toll of infertility, Connie understands the process and stress employees experience as they confront fertility hurdles. Not only is she a registered nurse, but she is also an ICF certified life coach, an NCC board certified REI nurse, and a certified prepared childbirth educator. She is also the Founder of A.R.T. OF WELLNESS, which specializes in fertility health and wellness coaching services and programs. Her unique background allows her to apply a holistic approach to the care of her clients. 

Connie is affiliated with the Nurse Liaison Program RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (Nursing & Mental Health), and the Professional Reproductive Nurses Association (Chicago). She has a proven ability to develop and implement progressive educational programs that support patients and nurses. 

Her specialty areas of expertise include reproductive medicine and infertility, women’s health care, and integrating and collaborating resources that enhance patient health and awareness. Connie has created and implemented ongoing “Fertility Mind and Body Wellness” programs, wellness support groups and community outreach programs. She was nominated for “Nurse Making a Difference,” by the International Nurses Association in 2017.  She’s been published by My Fertility Specialist Magazine and was a Fertilitylink guest blogger.   

Connie has a personal understanding of the fertility struggle and brings empathy and compassion to her practice. She is committed to helping employees understand the process and reduce stress loads to improve outcomes. Devoted to helping parents create a hopeful foundation, Connie inspires change by providing the tools and resources employees need to become their best and healthiest selves to increase possibilities along their individual paths to parenthood.

Connie currently resides in Illinois.

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