Carrie Boan

Brain Health & Emotional Intelligence Expert

Superpower: Conquering chaos with brain power.

As a certified brain health expert, professional speaker, corporate consultant, and coach, Carrie positions working parents and business leaders to master mental clarity, emotional control, and influential communication for success at home and in business.

Through emotional intelligence and communication coaching, she demonstrates how to conquer inevitable chaos that accompanies a working parent’s role as both a family and business leader. Combining her extensive career in physical therapy, brain coaching, and life coaching, Carrie has created master programs equipping parents to regain control of their own mind while positioning them to achieve maximum focus, clarity, and control in life.

Coaching parents through brain basics and mindset exercises, she helps others form new neural pathways which help improve communication skills, eliminate limiting beliefs, and develop positive success habits. Her individual coaching includes creating a nutrition, exercise, and focus plan to optimize physical and mental fitness so parents can confidently return to work.

Carrie resides in Charleston, SC and is the mother of two children.

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