Carla Perl

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Superpower: Saving the world through sleep.

Carla has saved hundreds of working parents from the stresses that come with little sleep. Her proven approach alleviates bedtime struggles and helps children anticipate bedtime with sleep routines that are stress-free, enjoyable and fun.  Parents praise her methods for their ability to create a smooth-running household so they can confidently return to work.

Carla helps working parents develop strategies designed to help babies and toddlers learn how to sleep through the night and take regularly scheduled naps. She practices gentle sleep training methods and creates customized sleep plans and routines based on the individual child’s sleep challenges. Her proven methods help parents return to work with the astronomical benefits of a full-night’s sleep for everyone in the home! 

In addition to coaching for MommaWork, Carla is the founder and CEO of Slumberland Solutions. Previously, Carla served as a busy marketing executive and communications professional. As a working mother, Carla experienced first-hand the struggles of balancing her career with home life and quickly came to recognize that sleep was often times the biggest impediment to working parents achieving their goals. After supporting friends and family for over a decade with their sleep issues, Carla became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founded Slumberland Solutions. It was the natural next step in her career evolution. 

Carla received her Bachelors of Arts degree from Emory University and her Master’s in Business Administration from ESCP Europe. Carla lives in Westchester with her husband and three children.

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