MommaWork Assists with the Transition from “Working Person” to “Working Parent.”

MommaWork provides working parents with the tools they need to navigate their new work-life landscape and achieve their professional and personal parenting goals post-baby.

MommaWork empowers new parents to thrive in the office, and at home.

Everyone knows parenting is hard, but there are unique challenges working parents must face. Our New Parent Transition Coaching eases the transition from parental leave back to work, and helps companies develop their employees at a critical moment in their personal and professional lives.

With a parenting coach on their side from day one, working parents are setup for success.

Helping and supporting employees through the transition to parenthood makes them feel valued, and creates a pipeline of productive and loyal workers. Employees who are able to combine career and family successfully, with the support of their employer, can be the most engaged and dependable members of your team.

Some of the most commonly addressed issues include:

Change of identity from current self to the role as parent

How to draft a return to work plan

General feelings about family leave and job impact

How to maximize time efficiency

Post-baby emotions, including relationship stress

Day-care versus nanny considerations

How to maximize work-life balance

Issues related to the specifics of childcare

Our coaching services are unique and individually tailored to meet the needs of the particular employee and/or domestic partner.

Priceless Advice, Only from Experience

I found working with MommaWork to be extremely helpful. I spoke to my coach while still out on paternity leave and came to realize there were issues that should have been on my radar, but because I was a first-time dad just weren’t there. With my coach’s help I was able to take a proactive approach to arranging childcare that allowed me to maximize my time spent with baby, while making the most of my time spent in the office. My parenting coach had already “been there, done that” and the advice was priceless!

– Jason, accountant and first-time father

Learn how New Parent Transition Coaching can increase employee satisfaction and help retain top talent.