For employers to succeed in today’s marketplace, they must understand and meet the specific needs of their working women and breastfeeding mothers.

MommaWork provides custom-designed Corporate Lactation Programs designed to meet the needs of your breastfeeding employees and assist them in achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.

With a return to work frequently cited as the number one reason mothers stop breastfeeding, employers have a responsibility to provide the workplace support their employees need to meet medical mandates and attain personal breastfeeding goals.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the breastfeeding relationship continue for at least 12 months, and acknowledges that around the globe as long as 3 years is considered “normal.” Similarly, the World Health Organization recommends that the breastfeeding relationship continue for at least 2 years.

Fun Fact: Did you know Michael Jordan was breastfed for 3 years?

The health benefits to mother and baby are long-lasting, and exceed the duration of the breastfeeding relationship.

A lack of workplace support for the breastfeeding employee creates a work-life conflict, that can be detrimental to the employee-employer relationship. Employees whose companies provide breastfeeding support consistently report improved morale, better satisfaction with their jobs, and higher productivity.

Our corporate lactation programs include:

The design, setup and maintenance of dedicated lactation spaces

The provision and maintenance of “hospital-grade” breastfeeding equipment

Lactation counseling for the employee and/or domestic partner

Ongoing support to Human Resources, and management training

MommaWork is a valuable resource that is appreciated by all employees, not just the breastfeeding mothers, as demonstrable proof that an employer cares. Now, that’s priceless.

“MommaWork Should be a Part of Every Company’s Family Leave Policy.”

MommaWork consultants provided me with the lactation support that I needed to be successful at home and in the office. As a working mom, that’s priceless! I recommend that MommaWork be an integral part of every company’s family leave policy.

– Jennifer Walzer, Founder and CEO of BUMI

Learn how MommaWork’s corporate lactation support services can show your employees that you care.