Let’s Face It, Pumping Sucks!

But with the Ameda Platinum “hospital-grade” multiple-user breast pump, breastfeeding moms are able to produce more milk in less time. And that means less interruptions.

There are many reasons why breastfeeding moms need a breast pump. Whether they are looking to increase their breastmilk supply, returning to work or just looking to create an emergency stash, a premium multiple-user breast pump, previously referred to as “hospital-grade” is always the best option.

The Ameda Platinum allows the breastfeeding mom to pump more breastmilk in less time. And no matter what the situation, time is always a precious commodity.

Those Who Know, Demand the Ameda Platinum

The Ameda Platinum has been shown to outperform all other multiple-user breast pumps.

It’s simple to use “CustomControl” technology provides over 5000 speed and suction combinations, allowing the pumping mom to achieve her highest comfortable suction setting, trigger multiple milk ejections and extract the most milk possible.

What’s more, the Ameda Platinum uses “Proven Airlock Protection,” the world’s only protective barrier system guaranteed to protect mom’s milk (and therefore, baby) from the bacteria, mold and viruses that can sometimes build as a result of trapped moisture in the tubing.

MommaWork exclusively offers the Ameda Platinum because it is the only multiple-user breast pump to offer the comfort, efficiency and safety that our clients demand.

Hey Breastfeeding Mommas! Ready to Get Hooked Up?

MommaWork rents Ameda Platinum multiple-user breast pumps to individual users by the week, month or year. And yes, we ship!

*All rentals require an initial setup fee of $35, which includes one-way shipping within the contiguous United States. Return shipping is not included. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to return the Ameda Platinum to MommaWork at the end of the rental term.

NOTE: To utilize the Ameda Platinum, an Ameda HygieniKit milk collection system is required. These are sold separately, and may be purchased for an additional fee of $95.

Hey Companies!
Interested in Pumping up Your Existing Lactation Rooms?

MommaWork also rents Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breast Pumps to companies, and their working mothers. Rental fees are based upon the number of end users, the number of lactation rooms and duration of rental term.