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The Importance of Having a Transition Plan for Employees and Employers

While pregnancy is a very exciting time, it can also be a stressful time. As the mom-to-be enters the final stretch, she is no doubt feeling overwhelmed by her to-do list. And the working mom-to-be has the added responsibility of giving thoughtful consideration to her transition plan at work.

Why Breastfeeding Matters, and Why Employers Should Care

Here are the facts:

  • 83% of mothers in the U.S. choose to breastfeed after giving birth
  • Mothers returning to work are more than twice as likely to quit breastfeeding as mothers who stay at home

Creating a Lactation Room Working Mothers Will Love and Appreciate

Mothers returning to the workplace after childbirth are driven to provide for their new babies, while recapturing their roles as productive members of the workforce. Companies that provide lactation rooms in the workplace help these employees achieve both of these goals. Following the design guidelines given here will yield a lactation room that is easy to use, and offers comfort and respect to mothers.

How to Warmly Welcome New Mothers Back to the Office

For a new mother returning to the office following maternity leave, what does a “warm welcome” back look like? Should the employer act as though the new mother never left, and never welcomed a child? Should the new mother be hazed for choosing to make the transition to motherhood? Or should the mother receive a warm and compassionate welcome back to the office following her time spent bonding with her child?

The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Parent Support Groups at Work

Far too often I speak to working parents who feel alone in their journey. It goes without saying that every working parent could use a lot more support. Most working parents are taxed on time and don’t have the luxury of baby classes or play groups. Yet, it is usually within the social confines of these prearranged play spaces where parents find one of the most necessary elements of parenthood: a supportive friend.

Keeping You Cool through the Chaos: 5 Tips on Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Being a parent in today’s world is stressful, but being a parent of a child with special needs adds additional pressures that can ruffle the feathers of even the most calm, collected and caring parent.

Changing the Culture of Business

I was recently invited to attend and cover an important diversity and inclusion panel, Changing the Culture of Business, at Ellevate’s Mobilize Women Summit.  As we discussed, change isn’t easy.

Milk Manager Series: Why Buying into Servant Leadership Matters

Insights from a Commanding Naval Officer and Manager of Breastfeeding Employees Pumping on Duty

Stop Demanding “Do as I Say, Not as I do,” Why the Medical Community Must Model the Change

The integration of career and family is never easy, but for those in the medical profession, it can be particularly challenging, especially when it comes to breastfeeding and the need to pump at work.

From Startups to Sippy Cups: How Your Organization Can Be More Mommy Friendly

Startups and parenting have endless similarities. Both require patience, hard work, and agility. Both require long hours, problem solving, and communication skills.