Stacey Lessans, Psy.D

Chief Psychology Advisor

“While new parenthood is a very exciting time in one’s life, it can also naturally be filled with stress and anxiety. As a Clinical Psychologist, I know that having support and tangible tools to help navigate new parenthood, especially in the context of transitioning back to work, is invaluable to one’s level of stress, satisfaction and success in their work and personal lives. I am excited to be working with MommaWork, joining the mission of providing this support and toolbox to parents and organizations globally.”

Dr. Stacey Lessans is Chief Psychology Advisor and brings with her extensive experience helping people effectively manage the multiple and often competing work and personal roles in their lives. Dr. Lessans is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a private practice in both Manhattan and on the North Shore of Long Island.

From early on in her career, Dr. Lessans has sought to understand and enhance the experience of working women. Throughout graduate school, Dr. Lessans led a team of researchers focused on working mothers.  This team explored ways to identify and mitigate the factors that contribute to the stress and joy of balancing multiple roles at work and at home. Research, such as “Babies and Blackberries: Can women carry both without stress” was presented at various conferences.

Dr. Lessans applied these research findings into her clinical work with clients, where she works from a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy perspective, providing practical, tailored and effective strategies and support to help clients achieve their goals of calming their minds, lifting their moods, connecting in their relationships and feeling more effective and fulfilled at work and home.

Within her practice, Dr. Lessans has a specialized initiative, Lessans for Women which focuses on helping women “Calmly, Effectively, and Joyfully Navigate Life’s Stages and Transitions.”  Through individual therapy, group workshops and events, the Lessans for Women initiative focuses on providing tangible and realistic strategies to help women more effectively balance work and family, feel less overwhelmed and more in control, communicate effectively with others, and create goals and achieve them through strategies and accountability.  Her style is warm, approachable and collaborative. Dr. Lessans leaves clients feeling hopeful and empowered.

Dr. Lessans earned her B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management with a Health Concentration from Cornell University, and her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University. She completed her fellowship at the New York University Wellness Center.

Dr. Lessans understands the transition back to work from both a professional and personal perspective, as she has two young daughters.

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