The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting working parents and their employers everywhere. MommaWork is here to help.

MommaWork’s goal is to alleviate the challenges facing working parents. We do this by empowering their employers through coaching and professional support services. Every member of our team feels a deep calling to deliver on this goal every day. It’s what drives us.

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has halted life as we know it. With school closures and most employees working from home, working parents are being challenged in ways like never before. They’re expected to navigate the nuances of remote working, while caring for their children and facilitating remote learning. Nevertheless, business must go on and employers are relying on their employees to deliver.

Our team of experts and coaches will focus on what we know best—working parents and their employers. We are gathering helpful resources here, in an effort to ease the burden on working parents, and for employers to minimize work disruption. We are here to support you with practical content, 1:1 consulting and team coaching. Reach out if you feel stuck. Let’s brainstorm a solution together. And when things go back to normal (because eventually they will), we’ll be here for the support of your working parents.

Because this situation is constantly changing, we urge you to visit the CDC website for the most up to date information.

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Well-being and Productivity
HFM Webinar

Learn how to achieve well-being and productivity in an era of remote working, and encourage that as a leader.

10 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

We’re in an unprecedented time with unique managerial challenges that requires an expanded skill set. Level up your leadership game in just 30 minutes.

The New COVID-19 Paid Leave Laws + Pumping Up Productivity

What every employer needs to know about The Families First Coronavirus Response Act +  10 productivity tips for working parents and their employers.

Alleviating Anxieties for Remote Working Parents

Learn to alleviate the anxiety and stresses of remote working, with Dr. Stacey Lessans, our Chief Psychology Advisor.

For Employers

Pretend. It’s what a lot of working parents are playing right now. Working parents are stressed at levels previously unimaginable. They are on the front lines of remote work, confined to their homes, and are working sunrise to sunset, while simultaneously caring for and educating their children without the aid of childcare. While the stress is obvious and expected, working parents are loath to admit to their employers that they feel defeated and need help. So pretend is what they play—with their children, with their co-workers and certainly with their bosses.


By proactively providing support today, businesses will position themselves to be stronger tomorrow. The fight is real. The need is real. And the time is ripe to do better for our working families.

A practical guide outlining 3 ways employers can minimize workplace disruption and support working parents

A working mom breastfed her baby during a video call. Should she have shut off her camera? No. But having established company policies would have helped.

Learn about the CARES Act, which provides emergency aid directly to individuals and relief to businesses through a series of loans, grants, and tax credits. It also expands unemployment benefits for workers and families.

Lawmakers passed emergency laws that provide paid leave to certain employees who may be quarantined or otherwise unable to work due to COVID-19. Here is what employers need to know.

We’ve summarized the key provisions affecting employers and employees in The Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

For Working Parents

During these unprecedented times, we are all experiencing co-existing stressors that can feel really difficult to manage. Here are some strategies to cope.

How to handle school closures, childcare, managing kids’ and boss’ expectations while you work remotely.

With conflicting recommendations from authoritative sources, this article examines the primary information needed to make an informed decision.

You can take steps to protect the health of you and your family during a COVID-19 outbreak. Learn what you can do to plan and prepare.

What we know about pregnancy and breastfeeding with the risk of COVID-19 exposure

Learn how to best arrange the day for the pre-K set, while working from home.

Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children.

6 strategies for teens facing a new (temporary) normal.

For Everyone

Handwashing is a win for everyone, except the germs and viruses!

Learn steps to prepare your home from an outbreak, and precautions you should take in your community.

Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

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New Parent Transition Coaching


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Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Rentals

We are dedicated to helping working parents achieve professional success while juggling the responsibilities of new parenthood.

We’re here for you now. We’re here for you later.

Learn how our team of professionals can help your company improve its bottom line, while supporting its working parents through the transition to parenthood.